Welcome to the FSL Tonight WikiEdit

This is the wiki resource for everything you need to know about The FSL, a fantasy sports league that little is actually known about. Teams from all around the galaxy participate in the league to be the champions, and FSL Tonight, the podcast hosted by Tom Merritt and Justin Robert Young, which goes over each game in detail.

The TeamsEdit

Western Division:

Arrakis Sand Worms (Formerly Arrakis Barons)
Gallifrey Time Lords
Lannisport Lions
Rivendell Fellowship

Eastern Division

Coruscant Empire
New York Avengers
San Francisco Federation
Vulcan Velocity

Former Teams

Alderaan Rebels
Canton Jaynes
Mordor Crows
Qo'nos Raiders
Serenity Valley Fireflys
Winterfell Direwolves

Latest activityEdit

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