Alderaan Rebels
Alderaan Rebels
The Alderaan Rebels Logo
Stadium Killik Coliseum
Colours Blue and Green
Theme I Told Her on Alderaan
Concessions Alderaan Stew, Alderaan Ruge (wine) Beer
Marketing Slogan All the time in the world

The Alderaan Rebels played the 2011 season in the FSL. They finished in last in the Eastern Division at 2-8 and were relegated. They played the 2012 season in the minors as the Yavin Rebels. In 2013 the team annoucned a move to Hoth where they would play as the Hoth Ice Rebels.

2011 FSL RosterEdit

Captain: Bail Organa

Big Man: Chewbacca

Offense: Leia Organa

Defense: Mon Mothma

Utility: Han Solo

(U, C) Luke Skywalker (contract purchased from Tosche Station)

(O, BM) Admiral Ackbar

(D, U) Lando Calrissian

2011 ScheduleEdit

Week 1: (L) Serenity Valley  6 Alderaan 4 (0-1)

Week 2: (L) Alderaan 2 Vulcan 7 (0-2)

Week 3: (W) Alderaan 2 Canton 1 (1-2)

Week 4: (L) Alderaan 2 Arrakis 8 (1-3)

Week 5: (L) Coruscant 5 Alderaan 1 (1-4)

Week 6: (L) Alderaan 2 Qo'onoS 5 (1-5)

Week 7: (L) Mordor 4 Alderaan 0 (1-6)

Week 8: (L) Canton 2 Alderaan 1 (1-7)

Week 9: (W) Vulcan 2 Alderaan 3 (2-7)

Week 10: (L) Alderaan 1 Serenity Valley 8 (2-8)

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